(Charges through Demand Draft are not acceptable from 30 May, 2016 onwards except remote locations, please make payment online to avoid delay in processing of your request)

  1. Appropriate request application in the prescribed form which is available in the bottom of this page, you have just to enter the required details and print the proper formatted requisition letter.


  1. The requisite charges can be paid by Online (Netbanking / Credit Card / Debit Card etc.)


  1. If a duplicate transcript is required in a sealed envelop, one has to mentioned the address of the university / education agencies and also send soft version of any academic request form through email to Registration Cell at along with request form. Duplicates once issued can not be sealed in envelops by BITS at a later date.


  1. The requests received are processed on 'First Come First Served' basis. No priority treatment is possible or given to a request made in person. They are not required to come to Pilani to make a request for duplicates.


  1. Duplicate transcript(s) / migration certificate / educational verification requests are normally processed within 4 to 5 business days (please do not enquire before 5 days through email or phone), depending on the queue, after the the request is received, verified and found in order. This process make take longer during peaks, which is normally at the beginning and end of each semester and process time depends upon queue of requests.


  1. The following charges shall be applicable for issue of duplicates of Academic Records for Graduated Students.


(a)    Duplicate Transcripts:

v     For recent graduates when the request is made within ten weeks of graduation  Rs 100/- per copy (charges for request from India) and 5 US $ per copy (charges for request from Abroad)

v     All others Rs 500/- per copy (charges for request from India) and 45 US $ per copy (charges for request from abroad)          

(b)    Verifications of Qualifications (per student / Attestation of copy of Degree Certificate(s) (one set)):

v     By Employer/Government agencies/Consulates/Universities     NIL

v     By Private Agencies from India Rs 3000/- per Student or from Abroad 150 US $ per Student


(c) Migration Certificate (Including postal charges) Rs 350/- or 10 US $  per student.
                 Duplicate Migration (Including postal Charges) Rs 400/- or 10 US $ per student.

  1. Mailing Charges will be as follows :


(a)    By Registered Post :

(I) Within India Rs 100/- or 10 US $ (Registered Parcel up to 500 gm. approximate 40 sheets)

(ii) To foreign countries Rs 200/- or 15 US $ per copy (Register Letter by Air)


(b)   By Speed Post :

(i)                  Within India Rs 100/- or 10 US $ (up to 200 gm. approximate 15 sheets)

(j)                 To Foreign countries Rs 1800/- or 30 US $ (up to 250 gm. approximate 20 sheets)


      (c) By Fax /e-mail  Rs 100/- or 10 US $ Per Fax/e-mail


  1. For any further queries please send mail to


  1. Students who are applying for WES/ICAS, required to make payment online for Duplicate Transcript, Degree Attestation and mailing charges then email us scanned version of the Academic Request Form along with the degree certificate to with subject line "Academic Request Form <BITS IDNO>"

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